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Why Michigan: Reflection from a Junior

Are you accepted and considering attending the University of Michigan? Are you a current student and feeling nostalgic? Read a reflection from one of our student managers, Maddy, about her college application process and how she ended up at Michigan! 

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Studying, But Make It Fun: Ways to remain focused and keep your spirits high as you work and study


Staying focused as you study for upcoming exams and meet homework deadlines can be difficult to do as a college student. Continuously seeking to meet the demands of our daily work as full-time students can easily lead to fatigue, stress, anxiety, and many other troublesome behaviors. However, I have found some ways to help me focus and wanted to share some tips with you.  


Take time out for your mental health

Cooperative Housing: An Inside Scoop

Finding Housing in Ann Arbor can be a very time consuming process and is filled with numerous questions: 

  • What can I afford?

  • Do I want and/or need roommates? 

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Studying and Being Aware of Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health--arguably even more. Even the World Health Organization classifies mental health an integral part of personal well-being, on the same lines as financial, social, and physical well-being! So take some time to assess yourself and be sure to seek out the services you need.

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