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Victor Views on 'M' is More than Maize and Blue: Prioritizing Mental Health at U-M

As Wolverines, we’re part of a vibrant and diverse community. Yet, in the flurry of academic challenges, social activities, and personal growth, it’s crucial to not lose sight of an essential component that fuels all other endeavors: our mental health. At the University of Michigan, “M” stands not only for the triumphs of Maize and Blue but equally for mindfulness, mental well-being, and mutual support. Whether you’re seeking connection, needing support, or looking to contribute to the broader community's health, the resources are abundant.

Victor Views on Balancing Summer Break and Academics

The eternal summer struggle: classes, internships, clinical hours, standardized tests, research, and probably many more that I cannot think of. It’s like the sun is mocking us from outside. However, we can still take back our summer with a lovely balance! I am struggling, too, with this balance; however, with two summers filled with chemistry classes, I think I’ve found some good strategies.

Victor Views on Finals

No need to panic! Follow these tips in order to successfully prepare for finals. You've got this, Wolverines.

Victor Views on Studying, But Making It Fun

Studying for exams in college can be a daunting task, especially when transitioning from high school. It’s difficult to find the motivation to study and even more difficult to stay focused once you start. While studying looks different for everyone, I would like to share some of the things I do to make it a bit more bearable (and, dare I say, fun)!

Victor Views on "Why Michigan?" (Reflections from a Graduate)

Are you accepted and considering attending the University of Michigan? Are you a current student and feeling nostalgic? Read a reflection from one of current Resource Navigators, who is both a graduate and a current grad student in the School of Pharmacology.

Victor Views on Lost and Found

Have you ever wondered what happens to the lost items at the University Unions buildings? Have you ever asked yourself what the strangest items we have gotten are? This is the article for you!

Victor Views on New Year's Resolutions

By the time March rolls around, New Year's Resolutions can be almost completely forgotten. Check out some advice from one of our Informaton Assistants on how to use U of M resources to accomplish your goals!

Victors Vote!

On Election Day everyone's vote matters! We've compiled some tips and resources to help everyone make an informed vote.

Cooperative Housing: An Inside Scoop

Finding housing in Ann Arbor can be a very time consuming process and is filled with numerous questions: 

  • What can I afford?

  • Do I want and/or need roommates? 

  • How close do I need to live to campus and what transportation is available? 

Studying and Being Aware of Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health--arguably even more. Even the World Health Organization classifies mental health an integral part of personal well-being, on the same lines as financial, social, and physical well-being! So take some time to assess yourself and be sure to seek out the services you need.

Traveling for Winter

Traveling out of Michigan or out of the country can get very complicated. The first time I traveled out of the country was my sophomore year and I had no idea where I should start. Since then, I have traveled to Costa Rica and Thailand and I am currently planning a graduation trip to France, Italy, and Rome. I have listed some tips and precautions that I feel are useful when planning to travel.

Prepping for Winter

Are you curious about how to prepare for the upcoming winter? Check out this guide from student, Kelly Chang. As a Junior here at U-M, she gives you tips and tricks to stay warm, discusses how she has experienced winter, and provides some things you could purchase to get through this winter season.

Healthy Relationships

Approaching love in all forms seems magical. There is a season to celebrate the love you hold for your significant others, friends, and family. Love and relationships can bring happiness to even the darkest days and that is worthy of a celebration. This celebration must never come at the cost of engaging in genuine, healthy, and fulfilling relationships. This article provides information about intimate partner violence and offers resources on and off campus.