Resource Navigators

Talk to us. We can help.

What do you do? Two things: (1) make an appointment and (2) complete a quick Intake Form at the link.

You'll leave your appointment with at least one or two referrals for questions, like...

    •    What student orgs are available to me?
    •    How do I get involved on campus?
    •    How do I find internship and research opportunities?
    •    How do I get academic help?
    •    How do I manage my time?
    •    What can I do to maintain wellness?

Choose what works best for you! In-person or virtual. Seven days a week. 
Peer-to-peer appointments are available in half-hour increments. Select a day and time that’s convenient for you; they're either in-person at the League or Pierpont, or virtual, so choose whatever works best! Appointments are posted on Friday at noon for the upcoming week. Then, complete the registration intake form which allows your Navigator to create a personalized plan tailored to your questions.

Where do I go if I chose an in-person appointment?
In-person appointments are currently available on Central Campus at the League and on North Campus at Pierpont Commons, both on the main floor by the Information Desks. 

If you use a wheelchair, please note that on your intake form. There are accessible spaces in each building.

Questions regarding the process?
Email [email protected]



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Resource Navigators offer peer-to-peer wayfinding that helps you pinpoint people, places, resources, and opportunities. Discover your path. Talk to us!

Resource Navigators are your peer-to-peer wayfinding team, helping you track down a multitude of campus resources, websites, places, and--most importantly--people on U-M's large, decentralized campus. We create campus partnerships so that we can give you "warm" referrals to the teams you need to get things done!

RESNAV Bios. You can meet with any ResNav with an appointment that fits your schedule OR check out their studies/interests.

Laura. (2024) LSA Graduate, headed to Wayne State Law School. Major: Women's and Gender Studies. Rude Mechanicals. UROP. Triota Honor Society for Women's and Gender Studies. Sapphic Reads. La Casa.
Pranavi. (2026) LSA Psychology. Pre-Dental Association. UROP. Environmental Awareness. Former UHS employee. Bilingual in Telugu. 


Spring and Summer in Ann Arbor

Looking for things to do when campus is quieter in the summer? You may be surprised to learn that Ann Arbor and its surrounding communities have a lot going on! Click to open.

Building Your Best Schedule

Maybe it's the first time you're building a schedule after orientation. Maybe you're trying to close in on graduation requirements and progress to degree. You might even be thinking about electives as building blocks that you can use in graduate work. We can help you think through those and we know the people who can provide pathways and answers. Talk to us.

Study Dos and Don'ts: We've Been There

One of the top questions asked is, "What's the best formula for study success at U-M?" This can include the time of day, place, people/person involved, noise levels, tools, even snacks and breaks. Here are responses from the Resource Navigator team.

Resource Navigators: Why Should You Get Connected?

With over 40,000 students and with 19 schools/colleges, the University of Michigan can feel enormous. It’s no surprise that, with these numbers, a lot of students come into Michigan without any connections on campus. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with everything happening; there are so many events and organizations on campus that it can be hard to make choices.

Crafting Yourself as a Leader at Michigan

The University of Michigan is a hotbed for personal growth. Marked by an emphasis on involvement, the university offers a range of extracurricular opportunities that are so far reaching, you wouldn’t even believe that some of them exist. During my time at Michigan, I’ve been fortunate to explore a number of these opportunities and develop myself as a leader - something that was of high value to me coming into the school my freshman year. However, I know how overwhelming things can get.

Winter Must-Dos from a Michigan Student

Michigan is known for its brutal winters, but I’ve come to enjoy the Michigan winters because of all the activities I do to keep myself occupied and find joy in the cold.

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