Victor Views on 'M' is More than Maize and Blue: Prioritizing Mental Health at U-M

The photo, from MPhotography, is of the Natural Sciences building in the spring, with a student studying on one of its stone walls, book open.

As Wolverines, we’re part of a vibrant and diverse community. Yet, in the flurry of academic challenges, social activities, and personal growth, it’s crucial to not lose sight of an essential component that fuels all other endeavors: our mental health. At the University of Michigan, “M” stands not only for the triumphs of Maize and Blue but equally for mindfulness, mental well-being, and mutual support. Whether you’re seeking connection, needing support, or looking to contribute to the broader community's health, the resources are abundant.

Through the Center for Campus Involvement, students receive weekly newsletters filled with the latest events and can access Virtual Involvement Drop-Ins for personalized guidance. As peers, we operate within an inclusive paradigm, offering a network of support from various campus corners so everyone can find their place.

Maize Pages, the portal to over 1,600 student organizations, delivers a trove of opportunities for engaging with like-minded peers, exploring new interests, and embracing leadership—essential components of a healthy, balanced collegiate experience.

At Recreational Sports, they bridge the gap between physical fitness and mental wellness, advocating for an active lifestyle as a cornerstone of stress relief and social connection. The energy found in shared physical endeavors often translates to improved mental resilience.

The Ann Arbor Campus-Community Coalition tackles the broader societal challenge concerning substance misuse. The coalition’s vision is to foster a lifestyle that eschews the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all within our community and campus settings. We encourage participation and spread awareness through a multitude of strategies aiming to build capacity around prevention and treatment while promoting safety and inclusivity.

Simultaneously, the Ginsberg Center embodies our mission of community engagement, fostering partnerships that underlie our dedication to social change. Recognizing the intersection of social justice and public health, the center's initiatives carve pathways for sustainable engagements and civic learning.

Planet Blue emboldens our commitment to environmental stewardship, a testament to the importance of sustainable living in both coursework and extracurricular engagement. With numerous sustainability ambassadors and a rich history of campus activism, U-M is dedicated to moving forward in ecological responsibility and action.

Poverty Solutions invites us to employ scholarly rigor to address urgent social challenges. Embracing a holistic view that interconnects various societal systems, this initiative propels us to find evidence-based interventions to tackle poverty and inequality. Here at U-M, it is understood that poverty is not an isolated issue but one woven complexly through the fabric of society.

Lastly, MHealthy Champions energize our commitment to well-being within our staff and faculty, leveraging their positions to foster a culture where health and wellness are celebrated and encouraged. This program exemplifies the pervasive spirit of well-being integration at every level of the university.

As Resource Navigators, we are acutely aware that mental health is a journey—one that benefits from the collective contributions of every member of our community. In the embrace of the Maize and Blue, we commit to upholding an environment where "M" manifestly stands for a shared commitment to mental health, inclusivity, and the propagation of positive, sustainable practices that enrich the lives of all Wolverines. Go Blue!