Originally opened in 1980, The Campus Information Centers (CIC) were developed in response to a lack of centralized information at the University. People were frustrated with the experience of going to the wrong place, not getting the information needed, and discovering too late that the University had a service or facility that could have helped them. These problems were aggravated by the University’s large size and decentralized nature. Although the University of Michigan is still large and decentralized, we work diligently to serve as a starting point for all by accurate referral to resources and information sharing.

Much has changed in the 35+ years we have been operating. We expanded our one information desk from just being in the Michigan Union to now being in Pierpont Commons and The Michigan League. And rather than remaining just a physical center for information, we have expanded our services to provide more outreach through online offerings so that questions can be answered without calling or coming to one of our desks. Perhaps the most special aspect of Campus Information is the emphasis we place on utilizing the voices of our 30+ student Information Assistants' to deliver relevant information and perspectives. These students are the ones who will answer your chat requests, emails, phone calls, in-person questions, and even write content for this site.

To see our hours, visit the University Unions website.