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Heads Up! 2016 Ann Arbor Road Construction Projects

Spring has (almost) sprung and along with an abundance of green grass and trees, we will soon begin seeing the orange cones from summer road contruction projects. We will update this page as we learn about projects, so be sure to check in as you plan your travel in and out of Ann Arbor!

M-14 Road and Bridge Repairs Beginning Friday, March 4 - August 2016

Bright orange Sign that reads "Road Construction Ahead" with blue sky in the background

AATA Ride Share

A new service offered by the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, or AATA, allows those who live in Wasthenaw County the opportunity to carpool! This new program, iShareaRide, provides a website for interested carpool members to find carpool or vanpool services in their area. 

View from the front seat of a car

Vanpool - Providing a sustainable ride to work

Since the 1970s faculty and staff have been taking part in a Vanpool program.  This sustainable and budget friendly program provides an efficient way for employees to travel to and from work.  

University of Michigan Van


Carpooling is sharing a car ride so more than one person travels in a car. This is a money-saving and eco-friendly alternative to driving alone.



What you need to know about Ann Arbor and Campus buses!

Magic Bus


Greyhound operates close to central campus and is a great way of transportation to utilize. 

Greyhound Bus by isriya (Flickr)


Detroit Metropolitan International Airport (DTW) is the closest international airport to Ann Arbor. 

DTW McNamara Terminal


Amtrak provides trains around the country from Ann Arbor and provides an easy way to travel. 

Amtrak 353 by jpmueller99


Parking in Ann Arbor and on Campus. 

Permit Parking Sign