Victor Views on Soaking in One More Year (A Senior Perspective)

View of student march to Big House on a sunny football Saturday, Block M sign in rear view.

I can’t believe how fast time has passed, and it’s now my last year or, rather, term at Michigan. 

At the start of this school year, I promised myself that I would soak in every minute of my senior year, whether taking classes I enjoy or spending more time with my friends. I bought a season football pass this fall and went to my first game ever. People have said, “Did you really go to Michigan if you never went to a football game?” 


Admittedly, I am not a football fan, but the spirit and liveliness in the stadium converted me, and I found myself going to many more games, getting sadder as I counted down the number of home games left for the season. If I could redo my undergraduate years, I would attend football games sooner. The experience is unlike any other and it's unforgettable, as we cheer on the best university with friends and fellow Wolverines. 

Besides going to football games with my friends, we've had more game nights and movie nights. Lately, we have been taking advantage of the free events offered by the university. (I joke with my friends that we have limited time left to take advantage of all the resources Michigan has to offer.) We have used Happening@Michigan along with emails from Student Life to discover new events. For instance, this semester, the Michigan theater has free Korean cinema screenings on most Saturdays. On a professional level, I have utilized the University Career Center for resume workshops and mock interview practices. Take advantage of all the free resources Michigan offers!

Academically, I was able to register for classes that fit my interests regardless of whether they counted for my majors or not. I had this flexibility because throughout my undergraduate years, I have consistently used the LSA Degree Audit Checklist to make sure that I was on track with all requirements. As a result of many terms of strategic course planning, in my final term, I only had to take one more required class to graduate on time. Some of my friends are in similar positions as me and chose to be a part-time student. I decided, however, to take classes that aligned with my interests or would help me in my professional development, such as an Excel course. One thing I love about Michigan is the diversity in classes, with more class options added each term. 

Sometimes you can take classes through the other schools and colleges. This semester, I am taking a Ross class called MO455: Thriving at Work and Beyond. This is one of my favorite classes by far and the unique combination of undergraduate and graduate students in the class offers such a great perspective and opportunity to connect with people from different educational backgrounds. 

Tips for a smooth-sailing senior year:

  • Participate in activities that make Michigan Michigan for you (e.g., football, hockey, walking the Arb, cider mill).
  • Take advantage of the resources available (University Career Center, Happening@Michigan, etc.).
  • Run an audit checklist to make sure you’re on track to graduate.
  • Soak in your last year and enjoy it!