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We aim to make the University of Michigan feel like home.

Campus Information Centers (CIC) are here to help connect you to all the resources the university has to offer. In the tri-block, above, you'll see ways to get information quickly that will help you find your space(s) at U-M. Whether you have a quick question or you'd like to talk to someone briefly about resources across campus, CIC is standing by. Additionally, we have services such as an Interactive Campus Map, Lost & Found (for the Unions), and the Acronym Decoder, so that you can become comfortable with campus. As always, you can use our Chat feature. It's easy to click and connect!

Step 1: Find and Attend Events

Why should you get connected?

With over 40,000 students and with 19 schools/colleges, the University of Michigan can feel enormous. It’s no surprise that, with these numbers, a lot of students come into Michigan without any connections on campus. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with everything happening; there are so many events and organizations on campus that it can be hard to make choices.

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University Unions Lost & Found

Campus Information manages Lost & Found for the University Unions: The Michigan Union, Michigan League, and Pierpont Commons. Our priority is to get any items turned into us back in the hands of their owner(s). We have partnered with Crowdfind, a lost and found management software, in order to provide you with the best means possible to retrieve your item(s) if they are lost in one of our buildings.

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Interactive Campus Map

The Interactive Campus Map allows you to interact with it in several ways: search for specific buildings, identify directions from place to place, explore bus routes, and see parking options. The map is also available on the Michigan mobile app, which provides a map and real-time bus information on the go. When using the map, you can toggle between the four different campuses - Central, North, Medical, and Athletic. Click on the different color Block M bubbles to bring up building information.

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Acronym Decoder

Use this tool for the many acronyms used at Michigan, like SAB (Student Activities Building), UMMA (University of Michigan Museum of Art), and OSCR (Office of Student Conflict Resolution). There are over 150 buildings and programs listed.

Acronym Decoder

Victor Views Blog

Hear from people who've gone before you. Victor Views is written by the CIC Information Assistants to help you acclimate to campus.

Victor Views