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At a glance, one might think that the Campus Information Assistants just sit at a desk all day just waiting for someone to ask a question.

While it’s true that we are always ready to provide any information that you may need, we also provide many other helpful services to students and organizations at the University of Michigan.

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Freshman Orientation Guide

Summer orientation is a three-day overnight stay at the University for fall admits where incoming freshman are lead through the necessary steps for attendance which include placement testing, academic advising, and course registration – as well as a series of programs that explain University culture and expectations. The Office of New Student Programs offers more than 30 different orientation dates, and an optional, tandem Parent and Family Orientation that can be selected if the student’s family wishes to attend.

Ann Arbor in the fall. Freshly cut grass, bright orange, yellow, and red trees. View of the law school and other brown stone buildings. Bright sky with a few clouds in the background.

Ann Arbor Summer Must-Dos

Though the campus is often much quieter in the summer, Ann Arbor will be thriving with events, fairs and activities under the sun this summer. You better get started right away if you want to accomplish of of the Ann Arbor Summer Must-Dos before the craziness, that is class, starts up in September. Below is a list of fun things to do during your summer.

Ann Arbor Farmers Market:

Famers Market sign with a white background and green letters posted above the farmers market. Below are people shopping at different tables full of fruits and vegetables.

Senior Letter to My Freshman Self

To my Freshman Self,

In the blink of eye, four years have come and gone, and you are now a graduating senior at the University of Michigan. Four years ago, it felt like you had all the time in the world to figure everything out. Those years have passed, and here you are, ready to face the real world as a grown up. You took every opportunity that college had to offer and conquered them. But along the way, you started to lose yourself in the chaos and stress of it all. Here are some things that I wish you had known and understood from day one.

Grad cap painted in blue with the shape of the state of Michigan in Maize

Senior Reflection


I remember getting an email from the Admissions Office with that subject line back in December of my Senior year (of high school, that is). I remember feeling ecstatic—in a kind of elated trance from the promising future that awaited me. I remember thinking that that future would involve me partaking in some kind of biological research: I could clearly picture myself pipetting some kind of cloudy liquid onto an agar plate.

If UMich Libraries Were Dogs

In college, the library can feel like your best friend when you spend much of your time there studying (or at least trying to with friends.) What if libraries were really your best friends? In honor of Dogs in the Library (when puppies visit students in the Library during stressful times like midterms and finals,) here is a list of some U-M libraries as if they were a man’s best friend (as in dogs). A full list of libraries on campus is available here.

Seven pictures: Top left is two white and brown st. Bernard's withstrapped to them. There are mountains and blue red cross supplies. Middle left is white and brown borzoi with long hair laying in the grass. Bottom left is a group of brown and black bloodhounds sniffing in grass. Top right is a black, gold, and brown Labrador retriever, center photo is a catahoula hur with short black hair sitting in a pile of brown leaves. middle right is a Great Dane on the beach, bottom right is a golden retriever

April 2016 “Happening @ Michigan” Preview

Hello readers! We hope this Campus Information preview of April events helps you start the year off right with fun things to do, see, watch, and hear!

At the beginning of every month, Campus Information releases a monthly synopsis from our "Happening @ Michigan Calendar” that features a range of exciting, upcoming events at the University of Michigan. Most events are free, but check our calendar for specific details. Enjoy!

Five images of events including: Detroit Tigers logo with a grey tiger, Black Grad Cap for "Senior Send Off", Trotter Yoga Poster, two golden retrievers, and students on a Outdoor Adventures hike.


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