University Unions Lost & Found

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Search an Item or File a Claim, Depending on Your Location

Our system is based on the place you may have lost your item, depending on where you were visiting, studying, or shopping. Use the Lost & Found building links below to search for an item or to file a claim.

Lost & Found Union
Lost & Found League
Lost & Found Pierpont

Lost & Found Claims

Did you lose something in one of the unions (Michigan, League, or Pierpont)? Click on the button at the bottom of the page to search through the inventory.

  • If you don't find what you're looking for there, file a claim.
  • If an item is turned into us, it will register a match to your claim, and we will know how to contact you to return your item.

Lost & Found Guidelines

  • All items turned into Campus Information will be documented, assigned an identification number, and able to be viewed through our Crowdfind platform.
  • Items of high value (electronics, jewelry, wallets, etc.) will not be pictured on the site and will be held at the information desk for 2 hours before being turned into the University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS).
  • Items of lower value (clothing, water bottles, etc.) will be pictured on the site and stored for a period of 30 days before being discarded or donated for the item’s continued use.
  • Patrons claiming an item may be required to provide additional information about the item in question to prove ownership.
  • If Campus Information staff are able to identify the owner of an item, they will send an email notifying the person that their property is in our lost & found inventory. The owner will have one week to retrieve the item(s) after they have been notified of it's location.

Lose something in another building on campus?

Campus Information only manages lost and found for the three union buildings on campus. Here is a list of contact information for lost and found services in various buildings across campus.

Sponsor Location Contact
Ann Arbor Police Department City Hall, 100 N. Fifth Ave. 994-2911
Art and Architecture Building 1106 Art & Arch Building  
Athletic Department Football Stadium Gate 9
  Crisler Arena Facilities Guest Services
NE Concourse
Botanical Gardens | Matthai Main Office 647-8986
Dennison | Physics Lab Only Randall Addition 764-3468
Dennison | Lecture Halls Contact Warren Smith 936-2498
Dental School Info Desk, 1st Floor 763-9248
Department of Public Safety Kipke Drive 936-2791
East Hall 1012 EH and 1343 EH 764-2580
East Hall | Math Department 2074 EH 647-3923
Economics 238 Lorch Hall 764-2355
Education 1002 SEB (Facilities Office, Rm 1002) 615-2534
Hill Auditorium
Power Center
Arthur Miller Theater
Mendelssohn Theater
University Productions 763-5213
Kinesiology OUSA Suite 2300 764-4472
Law School 300 Legal Research 764-1358
Lawyer's Club Main Desk 764-1116
Michigan Libraries Grad Circulation Desk 764-0400
  Law Library (S-180) 764-9324
  Shapiro Circulation Desk 764-7490
Medical Center Hospital (1A-203) 647-8448
Michigan League Inn at the League 764-3177
  Information Desk (1st floor) Crowdfind
Museum of Natural History Museum Gift Store 764-0478
Music School Info Office, Room 2249 764-0583
Natural Resources 1520 Dana 764-6453
North Quad

Language Resource Center
([email protected])

- LRC (1500 North Quad)
- SI Dean's Suite (4322 North Quad)
- Housing (2nd floor)

Public Health Facilities Office 763-5411
Randall 1049 Randall 764-4437
Recreational Sports CCRB 763-3084
  Bell Pool 764-9450
  IMSB 763-3562
  NCRB 763-4560
Residence Halls Community Center of each building  
Social Work Office of Students Services 764-3309
Tappan Hall 110 Tappan 764-5400
Transportation Office 1213 Kipke Dr. 764-3427
University Health Services Basement 764-8320
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