Bicycle rack

Biking on campus and in Ann Arbor.

Bicycles are a popular mean of transportation around campus and there are over 2300 bike stands to accommodate parking. More information about cycling can be found on the Logistics, Transportation & Parking website.

As a precaution against theft, get a case-hardened U-lock and sturdy chain and use them at all times.  You may also want to register your bike with the Department of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) to help deter crime.  

You may also want to store your bike during the winter months; check out this article from Beyond the Diag to get some tips on winterizing your bike! 

Interested in recreational cycling? Ann Arbor is known as a bicycle friendly community. Please note that bicycle riders are required to obey all traffic signs (including one-way streets). More information on safety, bike sharing, and parking is available on the City of Ann Arbor website. There are 90.2 lane-miles of on-street bikes lanes and 35.3 miles of share-used paths!

Don't own a bike? No problem.