Ride Sharing/Carpooling


AATA Commuter Services

The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) from its TheRide website, which allows commuters the opportunity to carpool or vanpool. If you are interested in cutting down fuel costs and helping out the environment, simply create a username on the homepage.  From there you can find different options for carpooling/vanpooling in your area.  

U-M Carpools and Vanpools

For information regarding carpools, please contact Logistics, Transportation & Parking's Alternative Transportation Coordinator. More carpooling information can be found here. 

Vanpooling is available for faculty and staff who are full-time, permanent employees that work at least 32 hours a week.  A vanpool consists of 6-7 people who live in the same area and commute to work together.  The vanpool picks a location to park at on campus in any lot or parking structure. Members pay a fee to be a part of the vanpool and then split the fuel costs with other members of their van. For more vanpooling information, visit this website.