Applying to Internships: The Dos and Dont's

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Here's a quick checklist of dos and don'ts when applying to on-campus and outside internships! Follow these and you'll be on your way in no time.

  • Do start planning early: applications begin to open during late fall term
  • Do review your resume/CV with a professional: the Career Center has resume/CV review appointments, so that your resume will stand out in a crowd
  • Do reach out to current (and previous) professors and GSIs: many have connections to internships or advice on how to get one
  • Do utilize Handshake for finding open positions: postings update regularly and employers can reach out to you regarding their openings
  • Do network: utilize LinkedIn and begin making those connections now
  • Don’t wait: you will limit the number of opportunities to which you will have access
  • Don’t forget to edit your application/resume: one mistake could cost you a position
  • Don’t be late: tardiness shows a lack of respect for a company and those taking time to talk with you
  • Don’t apply to only one position: spots are usually extremely limited
  • Don’t stress if you miss an opportunity: adopt and “I can do it” attitude and ask for help when you need it


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Lorna Dunn | First Year Pharmacology Graduate Student