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Studying and Being Aware of Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health--arguably even more. Even the World Health Organization classifies mental health an integral part of personal well-being, on the same lines as financial, social, and physical well-being! So take some time to assess yourself and be sure to seek out the services you need.

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Traveling for Winter

Traveling out of Michigan or out of the country can get very complicated. The first time I traveled out of the country was my sophomore year and I had no idea where I should start. Since then, I have traveled to Costa Rica and Thailand and I am currently planning a graduation trip to France, Italy, and Rome. I have listed some tips and precautions that I feel are useful when planning to travel.

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Prepping for Winter

Are you curious about how to prepare for the upcoming winter? Check out this guide from student, Kelly Chang. As a Junior here at Umich, she gives you tips and tricks to stay warm, discusses how she has experienced winter, and provides some things you could purchase to get through this winter season. 

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Women's History Month

For over 100 years, women have fought for equality. These have been fights for...
-The right to vote
-Equal wages in the workplace
-Safety against sexual assault and constant objectification know, basic human rights.

Healthy Relationships

In February, approaching love in all forms seems magical. It is the season to celebrate the love you hold for your significant others, friends, and family. Love and relationships can bring happiness to even the darkest days of winter, and that is worthy of a celebration. This celebration must never come at the cost of engaging in genuine, healthy, and fulfilling relationships.

Intimate Partner Violence on College Campuses

Victor Views: Wellness in Finals Season

November 2018

It is one of the busiest times of year on campus, and everyone is dealing with their own academic, social, and career anxieties perhaps more than ever. While students at U of M know how to work harder than anybody, it is important to remember to relax and take care of the needs that will lead to your best health and happiness. Regardless of whether you are studying on campus or relaxing at home in the next month, here are the Wellness Resources to help you finish the semester on the right note!