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So you’ve survived the first half of fall semester, congratulations! But now there are these things called “Midterms” that everyone keeps talking about. Here are a few tips for surviving Midterm season and getting ahead of the study game before you’re overwhelmed.

Start studying early.  Nothing can raise stress levels and ruin a good gpa like a 24 hour cram session of weeks of material.  There’s a reason professors give out midterm dates at the beginning of the semester: they want you to start studying early.  Spreading a lot of material over multiple days (even weeks) will make the study process far less painful.  This is especially true if you have multiple midterms close together. Time management is key!

Find a good study spot.  The libraries get absolutely packed during midterm season, making it hard to find a table, especially if you have a group of people to study with.  Check out places you have never been like off-campus coffee shops, open classrooms in Mason Hall, or lesser known libraries.  One great library that stays quiet all-year-round is the Fine Arts Library in the Tappan Building.  This is a great opportunity to explore other parts of campus!

Snacks. All of the snacks. You will be pulling late nights and messing up your daily schedule so make sure to keep eating! A lot of people will spend all day studying and forget their body needs nourishment.  Fun fact: you study better if you keep a good diet! So make sure to stock up on your favorite goodies before buckling down to get work done.

Caffeine isn’t always the answer; you still need sleep! Just because you have the ability to chug energy drinks does not mean you should stay up all night.  This makes it harder to focus on your materials and messes up your sleep schedule for weeks to come.  You don’t want to be feeling the effects of midterms any more than you already have to.

Good luck and happy studies,


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