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If UMich Libraries Were Dogs

In college, the library can feel like your best friend when you spend much of your time there studying (or at least trying to with friends.) What if libraries were really your best friends? In honor of Dogs in the Library (when puppies visit students in the Library during stressful times like midterms and finals,) here is a list of some U-M libraries as if they were a man’s best friend (as in dogs). A full list of libraries on campus is available here.

Seven pictures: Top left is two white and brown st. Bernard's withstrapped to them. There are mountains and blue red cross supplies. Middle left is white and brown borzoi with long hair laying in the grass. Bottom left is a group of brown and black bloodhounds sniffing in grass. Top right is a black, gold, and brown Labrador retriever, center photo is a catahoula hur with short black hair sitting in a pile of brown leaves. middle right is a Great Dane on the beach, bottom right is a golden retriever

Unique Museums At Michigan

Looking to learn something new without stressing about essays, tests, and grades? The University of Michigan offers a world class assemblage of museums and cultural treasures just waiting to be explored. Take a short walk from the UGLi or your favorite campus study spot, and check out these five Museums:

A group of children and an adult at a museum, appearing on a tour. There are two full skeletons of dinosaurs and other skeletons on display.

U-M Golf Courses

The University of Michigan is the only university that has TWO golf courses ranked in  GolfWeek’s top 20 campus courses, and golfers visiting Ann Arbor now have a unique opportunity to experience these bucket list courses!  To enhance your experience, we have a variety of golf clubs available for rent and a professional staff, who will ensure you know the inside tips to master these historic gems.  

Aerial view of the Michigan Golf Course. There is a lot of green grass and several rows of trees. Buildings are seen in the distance.

Hail to the History of our University Unions!

Have you ever wondered about the tower of the Michigan Union? Or the stained glass windows in the Michigan League? Or the flags draping the halls of Pierpont Commons?

Well, Campus Information would love to fill you in on the incredibly interesting histories of our University Unions! At each of these sites, sits one our desks and a Campus Information Assistant ready to help you!

The Michigan union with a bright sunny sky in the background. You can see the brown sign in front of the building that reads "Michigan Union". There is bright green moss growing up the outside walls.

Hotel Accommodations near Campus

Planning on visiting us here in Ann Arbor? Well here is a list of hotel accomodations near by! For futher information on prices or reservations please call the numbers listed. 

Michigan League and fountain

Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium, or "The Big House" as we like to call it, provides a unique experience to football fans from around the world.  This stadium seats over 100,000 fans and is conveniently located near the University of Michigan Campus. 


The Wolverine

Since the earliest days of recorded University of Michigan history (as early as 1861), the students and alumni have been referring to themselves as "Wolverines". While this moniker has proven successful for over a hundred years of intercollegiate sports, what is the reason for it? And moreover, what exactly is a wolverine?

Wolverine statue on North Campus

UM History

The University of Michigan was founded in 1817 as one of the first public universities in the nation. Find out more about the history here.