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3 Intriguing Symposiums To Attend

It comes as no surprise that Michigan symposiums this year are at a high caliber of quality. Not only is the University able to recruit people that will challenge students, staff, and visitors to think about a topic from a new angle and push the audience out of their comfort zone. To become a well-rounded leader and best, one must immerse themselves in the resources that campus offers. If you are looking to advance in ways more simply than books, then be sure to check out some of these opportunities this semester!

5 Fall Things To Do Before Winter Hits

Blood-orange leaves, cheerful moods, and big bowls of chili. Everyone’s gearing up for fall, and embracing it with joy. Who noticed that extreme temperature drop on the morning of October 1st? The wind is picking up and wiping away that warm summer vibe. But don’t go searching for your old Bursley Dining tray sleds just yet. Embrace this lovely fall weather and all the activities that come along with the excitement of football season!

Penny Stamps Speakers Series

Thanks to the very generous support of alumna Penny W. Stamps, the Penny Stamps Speaker Series has brought a diverse and dynamic series of artists and designers who come to Umich to interact with students, faculty, and the community of Ann Arbor. 

Who are the types of people you would be able to see at the speaker series? Some examples of upcoming showcases include: