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4 Interesting Conferences at UMich

Looking for learning and career building opportunities outside the classroom? Conferences are a great way to sharpen your skills while networking and breaking out of your comfort zones. The University of Michigan hosts several conferences each year focused on a variety of topics. Read below to find out more!

1. TEDxUofM

New West Quad Renovations

      If you haven’t heard or just haven’t made the trip, a newly renovated West Quad is open this year. Pouring $114.5 million into the effort, the residential hall has been refurbished to continue serving its historic position on Campus. 

Club Feature: Wolverine Support Network

It’s November, which means the leaves are changing and midterms are upon us. Perhaps you’re someone who is stressing out about a huge paper or design project due. Possibly something happened in your personal life outside of school, and you need a break. Or maybe you’re concerned about a friend. For all of these situations, the Wolverine Support Network (WSN) is there for you. 

Halloween Festivities

BOO!! Halloween is upon us, and the opportunities to get involved on campus are endless. The University of Michigan offers a wide range of holiday events for students in order to make sure you can celebrate and still have a safe and fun Halloween night.  

If you are looking to attend events before Halloween, there are many options!