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Senior Letter to My Freshman Self

To my Freshman Self,

In the blink of eye, four years have come and gone, and you are now a graduating senior at the University of Michigan. Four years ago, it felt like you had all the time in the world to figure everything out. Those years have passed, and here you are, ready to face the real world as a grown up. You took every opportunity that college had to offer and conquered them. But along the way, you started to lose yourself in the chaos and stress of it all. Here are some things that I wish you had known and understood from day one.

Grad cap painted in blue with the shape of the state of Michigan in Maize

Senior Reflection


I remember getting an email from the Admissions Office with that subject line back in December of my Senior year (of high school, that is). I remember feeling ecstatic—in a kind of elated trance from the promising future that awaited me. I remember thinking that that future would involve me partaking in some kind of biological research: I could clearly picture myself pipetting some kind of cloudy liquid onto an agar plate.

Photo of a sample acceptance letter from the University of Michigan

April 2016 “Happening @ Michigan” Preview

Hello readers! We hope this Campus Information preview of April events helps you start the year off right with fun things to do, see, watch, and hear!

At the beginning of every month, Campus Information releases a monthly synopsis from our "Happening @ Michigan Calendar” that features a range of exciting, upcoming events at the University of Michigan. Most events are free, but check our calendar for specific details. Enjoy!

Five images of events including: Detroit Tigers logo with a grey tiger, Black Grad Cap for "Senior Send Off", Trotter Yoga Poster, two golden retrievers, and students on a Outdoor Adventures hike.

MUSIC Matters

MUSIC Matters is an organization here on campus that is responsible for SpringFest, an eventful day full of music, food, and other activities and concludes with an exciting, much-anticipated, large-scale concert with a headliner artist. They describe their event as a “SXSW-style gathering designed to promote innovation, creativity, and community while displaying the achievements of University students.” SpringFest is the major event that MUSIC Matters is most known for, and their efforts benefit a philanthropic cause that club members pick every year.

2 Pictures. First one of a Music Matters banner in front of blue and white striped tents on the Diag. 2nd one of musical artist 2 Chainz singing to thousands of students in Hill Auditorium.

Club Feature: Student Food Co.

With over 1,525 organizations on Maize Pages, you can imagine how difficult it was to choose a group to feature for this week’s blog. Though, I am going to shamelessly plug my professional fraternity in this same sentence —Kappa Alpha Pi (pre-law fraternity), and it’s a blast. If anyone reading is interested in pursuing law, look us up and rush next semester! Anyways, I thought I would spotlight a group that has been working hard to combat food insecurity on Michigan’s campus.

Three students holding Student Food Co. bags with fresh fruits and vegetables available on their food stand.

From Detroit to Ann Arbor

When I stepped onto the University of Michigan campus last fall, I had no idea what was ahead of me. The concept of being in a town I had no prior ties to was not the most comforting feeling. I didn’t know what to expect from Ann Arbor. Detroit was the only city I had ever known until freshmen move-in day. I knew that adjusting would take time, but I was okay with that. I was ready to begin my new life at U of M, even if I had to leave Detroit for the time being.

Aerial nightime view of Detroit's skyline with a dark blue sky and orangish glow over the buildings

My Experience as an International Student

So what will I start off with? The weather? The school? The spirit? The college town? The people? As an international student, everything was so new to my college experience. Ever since middle school, my parents had planted the seed in my head of studying abroad. I wanted a new experience. I was frightened and excited at the same time. I was scared I would not meet people at orientation, would not make friends in class, or would be paired with a weird roommate (or maybe I would be the weird roommate haha!)  

"Welcome Home" logo, dark blue circle with the "M" in HOME as a Michigan M. Beneath there is an outline of the Michigan Union

Debunking Michigan Myths

For many people, Ann Arbor is synonymous with the University of Michigan, but few realize that the university was actually founded in Detroit before Michigan had even become a state. Back then it was called the University of Michigania. The school didn’t officially move to Ann Arbor until 20 years later in 1837.

A close view of the Gold M on the Michigan Diag

Michigan Union Board of Representatives

Ever heard of the Michigan Union Board of Representatives (MUBR)?

Well, I am here to tell you what it is! Basically, we are a group of students who really care about the Michigan Union. (The Michigan Union is located at 530 S State Street and is a central hub on campus.)

MUBR logo

Club Feature: Body Peace Corps

Body Peace Corps is a student-run organization here at the University of Michigan. BPC’s mission is to educate others about pursuing unrealistic beauty ideals, to support every body in maximizing wellness, and to build a supportive, inclusive community free from stigma and discrimination. Their members are passionate about promoting positive body image and preventing eating disorders.

Body Peace Corps logo, a light green bird with a blue peace sign on its wing, "bpc" in blue letters listed below

5 Super Unique Clubs!

Here at the University of Michigan, we are fortunate to have a phenomenal range of student organizations and clubs. Sometimes us students don’t know which to join! With over a thousand options, here are five super unique clubs to check out:
screenshot of Maize Pages homepage which is a picture of a bunch of students outside among some trees, all talking. It reads "Sign in to the maize pages experience" with a blue button underneath that says "Sign in now". Below that there is a blue bar along the bottom that reads "Jump in with these opportunities!"

Club Feature: Dance Marathon

About: Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) is a student run non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for pediatric rehabilitation programs at C.S. Mott and William Beaumont Children's Hospitals. DMUM supports pediatric rehabilitation programs by providing funds and volunteers for therapies. Therapy provides children with a sense of empowerment and accomplishment and a support system as they develop and grow.

Dance Marathon Umich logo, which looks like the letters "DMUM" together in the shape of a yellow foot. Around the DMUM are words that read "Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan"

UMich Fireside Chats

Once a month, the University of Michigan’s President and Vice President of Student Life, Mark Schlissel and E. Royster Harper respectively, meet with a group of approximately 30 university students to discuss… well, pretty much anything! Past topics have ranged from campus safety, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, to Michigan excellence. Fireside chats are unique opportunities to meet with faces of the University in a small setting.

umich fireside chats logo which is a Block M with a blue background that says "Student Life" beneath it, next to the logo it says "Fireside Chats" in cursive.

Club Feature: Wolverine Support Network

It’s November, which means the leaves are changing and midterms are upon us. Perhaps you’re someone who is stressing out about a huge paper or design project due. Possibly something happened in your personal life outside of school, and you need a break. Or maybe you’re concerned about a friend. For all of these situations, the Wolverine Support Network (WSN) is there for you. 

wolverine support network logo which has a blue background and yellow letters that read "Wolverine support network". The words are surrounded by a yellow box. Some of the letters have extended lines with bulbs at the end of the line. Below the logo it reads in yellow "because life happens."

Michigan-Themed Halloween Costumes

      With Halloween swiftly approaching, we have some fun Michigan-themed costumes that will help any Wolverine win the “Best Costume” Award. Our creative costumes will help you make plenty of new friends this spooky Halloween.

Two Pictures. Top is a blue bus with a yellow stripe down the side that reads Michigan. Below is a group of students stressed up as a blue bus all standing in a line with various pictures cut out of people "riding" in costume bus.

Club Feature: Do Random Acts of Kindness (DORAK)

This week we will be featuring one of the most positive clubs at Michigan. Do Random Acts of Kindness (DORAK) is a club whose #1 goal is to promote genuine acts of kindness on campus. They take nothing in return and solely hope to inspire everyone to spread kindness through their lives and the lives of others.

Every see those smiley people in the diag giving out free hugs, high fives, and fist bumps? That's DORAK to the rescue. They can brighten anyone's day! This is just one example of how they like to inspire happiness and kindness on campus.

Do Random Acts of Kindness logo which is a black and white smiley face with "Do Random Acts of Kindness" written around the edges of the smiley face in a circle

Residence Hall Move-In Tips

Well it is that time of year again, when hordes of students partake in the right of passage that is Move-in Day! If it’s your first time around or even if you’re an old timer like me; the prospect of moving-in and starting off a new semester in the University dorms is a daunting yet exciting one!

Photo of Pixar's Monsters University character "Mike Wazowski" carrying luggage with campus in background.

UM Name Tags

Are you planning on attending a professional conference, job fair, or intend on interviewing for internships this Fall? Check out the Career Center web site (link to follow) and order your very own personalized University of Michigan name tag -- all for only $6!

Lyrics to UM Songs

Read the greatest fight song in collegiate history: "The Victors" and sing along with the Maize and Blue.

Football players lined up facing each other, half in navy jerseys and half in white jerseys, the group with the navy jerseys have the ball

Spectator Sports

From Baseball to Wrestling, the University of Michigan has it all. Read more about football and the numerous intercollegiate sports here at UM.


Your first step towards leaving the country is to get your photos taken! We have a compiled a list of where you can get your passport photos done below that includes directions, prices, and hours of operation. With your photos, your next step is to apply in person at a designated location.

Driver's Licenses

You may obtain a Michigan Driver's License, State of Michigan License Plate and renewal tabs, and State of Michigan Identification Card, or register to vote at the Secretary of State. There is one branch that is relatively close and easy to get to by car or bus. The branch is on Maple Road in Ann Arbor.

Address Changes

Students can update their Current, Permanent, and Billing Addresses using Wolverine Access. You must have a University uniqname and password to use this website. From the main page, click on Student Business. After you log in, click on Addresses in the far right column. It is especially important to keep your Current Address accurate, because Payroll and Financial Aid both mail checks to the Current Address you have listed in Wolverine Access.

Get Involved with Music, Theatre and Dance

Introductory dance classes (ballet, modern, jazz, and African) are offered to all students by the School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

If you want to participate in a musical performance, theater, dance, or production group, check into it early in the fall when such groups are organizing and holding auditions for performance ensembles.