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Welcome to Summer Orientation, Class of 2018! As you get a feel for life at Michigan during this introduction, you may realize you have questions you hadn’t thought of when you were admitted. That’s where we can help!
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Ann Arbor Summer Festival

It’s that time again! Summer is finally here and it’s time to forget about the below freezing temperatures that plague this city during the winter months. Now is the time to enjoy beautiful Ann Arbor and celebrate sunshine and warmth with the many, many events lasting from June 10th to July 3rd that the Ann Arbor Summer Festival has to offer. 

Ann Arbor Summer Festival Concert

Freshman Orientation Guide

Summer orientation is a three-day overnight stay at the University for fall admits where incoming freshman are lead through the necessary steps for attendance which include placement testing, academic advising, and course registration – as well as a series of programs that explain University culture and expectations. The Office of New Student Programs offers more than 30 different orientation dates, and an optional, tandem Parent and Family Orientation that can be selected if the student’s family wishes to attend.

Ann Arbor in the fall. Freshly cut grass, bright orange, yellow, and red trees. View of the law school and other brown stone buildings. Bright sky with a few clouds in the background.

Ann Arbor Summer Must-Dos

Though the campus is often much quieter in the summer, Ann Arbor will be thriving with events, fairs and activities under the sun this summer. You better get started right away if you want to accomplish of of the Ann Arbor Summer Must-Dos before the craziness, that is class, starts up in September. Below is a list of fun things to do during your summer.

Ann Arbor Farmers Market:

Photo of an overhang covering beds of colorful flowers with a sign that reads "Farmers Market"

Fun Winter Activities

Trying to enjoy the winter weather, but not sure how? This is your go-to guide for making the most out of Michigan’s snowy season! It’s safe to say that winter, and especially the holiday season, in Ann Arbor is magical. While just walking from place to place can provide you with plenty of cheer, here are a few activities that I personally love to do this time of year!


Aerial View of The Big House and a snow on top of buildings in Ann Arbor surrounding the Big House

Res Hall Survival Packing List

I’m sure you can feel the excitement and nerves as you prepare to leave for college.  As if dealing with the emotions of leaving home and setting off on your own aren’t enough, you also need to be sure you pack everything you need for life in the res hall.

Now, I won’t bore you with the painfully obvious items like hygienic supplies and school supplies because we all (well, most of us) want to smell good and be able to take notes.  Rather, I am going to share with you a few essentials that will make survival in the dorm that much easier.

Image of checklist being marked with "checks" by a blue pen that is writing the check marks in blue ink. 4 of the 5 boxes on the list have been checked.

Skill Shopping

School supply shopping has commenced and there are a few things that may not be on your list: college skills. Things that no one told you that you’d have to know for college. Though these skills cannot be purchased, here are 5 tips to help you out (for free!):

Getting Around Ann Arbor

One of the great things about UM’s campus is that almost anything you’d need is within a 10-15 minute walk. But, for when you do need a traveling alternative, here is everything you need to know:

Bright yellow road sign with arrow pointing in different directions, all of the arrows are pointed toward question marks. There is a bright blue sky in the background.

Go for a Hike!

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Do you feel trapped in an urban jungle? Need to reconnect with nature? Well, you’re in luck! No need to head to the Appalachians—Washtenaw County offers a variety of quality hiking and recreation trails.

Border to Border Trail Logo. Gree circle with a blue wavy line going through the middle. Along the line, bold black letters say "B2B". In black along the top of the circle it says "Huron River Greenway" and along the bottom it says "Borders-to-Borders Trail"

Summer Job Info

Want a last-minute seasonal position offered around the city since the academic-year dwellers are gone? Starting a job during the summer has many perks: you may find permanent employment for the following school year, you won’t have to worry about training during a busy fall semester, you can start building your resume, and you can meet new people while your friends are gone over summer! While it may be nice to veg on the couch over summer, think about how productive (and paid!) you may feel with a job. 

Picture of the Cube on Campus with fall colored leaves in the background. On the left there is a Block M and it says "Student Employment Office" next to it.

Senior Bucket List

As a graduating senior, I have spent this entire semester trying to do all the things I wish I had accomplished in my past four years here. When I arrived on campus as a freshman I was like “woah, four years seems like forever!” but now four years later, let me tell you it actually flew by. I have met some amazing people, ate at a lot of amazing restaurants and accomplished most of what I would dub “My University of Michigan Bucket List.” Here is a list of some of the things I have done and some stuff I haven’t but really really wish I had:

Old Ann Arbor post card with "Ann ARBOR" written in block letters filled in with pictures of the city. "Greetings from" is written above the block letters in yellow cursive and 'MICHIGAN" is written below the block letters in red.

Professional Fraternities Feature

Want to find a smaller community on campus? Professional fraternities on campus give students the chance to network and meet other students on both a professional and social level. Many of these fraternities are co-ed and offer rushes in both the fall and winter semester.  There are many diverse professional fraternities on campus that are geared towards several different professional interests. These include but are not limited to:

Umich professional fraternity council logo

Women's Glee Club Feature

Formed in 1893, the Women's Glee Club has a long history of sisterhood, song, and strength. WGC is a selective choral ensemble, featuring undergraduate and graduate singers from across all colleges and majors. Composed of mostly non-music majors, WGC provides a space for passionate vocalists to collaborate under the direction of Dr. Julie Skadsem. Although they rehearse only biweekly, the WGC produces quality music that they share around campus all semester long. They have both a fall and spring concert, while dedicating their time to smaller performances throughout campus.

Womens Glee Club logo which is a harp-like symbol with a building with pillars standing in front of it. There is a dark blue ring surrounding the picture that says "University of Michigan Women's Glee Club - 1893"

Safer-Sex Materials On Campus

Sometimes, even in your early twenties, committing to buying that entire value box of condoms at the corner drugstore can be a blush-worthy experience. Perhaps you haven’t nailed down your specific approach to keeping yourself safe in consensual sexual encounters – and with the bombardment of options available in this day and age, it’s near impossible to have given each method a well-documented and focused trial before arriving at college as a traditional student.

University Health Service logo which is a block maize M with "Student Life University Health Service University of Michigan" written underneath it in blue

Michigan Traditions

I looked down at my feet submerged in water, and then up at the Diag as I waded through the Michigan League fountain. It was official; I was going to be a Michigan Wolverine. I was told by my orientation leader that walking in this specific fountain towards campus would be the first of many Michigan traditions that I would take part in. I was also told that I would make this same walk through the fountain again once I graduated, except this time I would be walking in the direction away from campus.

A red hue of the Michigan Diag and the "M" in the middle. "HO" is written on the left side of the M and "E" is written on the right side so that it spells "HOME" when including the Michigan Diag M.

Spring Break Activities on Campus

Hey Friends: If you are sticking around campus for Spring Break, have no fear! We are here to suggest some activities to fill your time. First, take advantage of all the wonderful activities our University has to offer that you may not usually have time for during weeks with classes!

Snowperson with a Michigan football, a dark blue tie, and a Michigan hat. There are snowy pine trees in the background.

Global Brigades Feature

As a prospective pre-med student last year, I sought out opportunities that would not only enrich my undergraduate experience but would prepare me for my future career path. During Festifall, I signed up to join Global Brigades (GB). I met so many new faces who were friendly and welcoming. Club members can be of any age or year in college and studying any field. I got to know these people through various fundraisers and club meetings before embarking on our journey.

Global Brigades logo which is the outline of the earth in grey on the left. To the right, grey bold fonts reads "GLOBAL" and underneath that it reads "Brigades" in a blue handwriting font.

Visit The Career Center

Have questions about internship opportunities? Need help improving your resume and interviewing skills? Worried about after graduation plans? Visit the University of Michigan’s Career Center conveniently located on the third floor of the Student Activities Building (SAB). The Career Center is a free resource available to students helping students develop resumes, improve their interviewing skills, find job internships, explore major and career options, and answer any questions students may have to help their professional development.

Career Center logo - Block M with "Student Life-The Career Center-University of Michigan" listed beneath

Visit Trotter Multicultural Center!

Have you ever been strolling down Washtenaw Ave and found yourself pondering about what’s going on at the Trotter Multicultural Center? The short answer is, well - a lot is happening at Trotter! Acting first and foremost as an on-campus physical location that provides services (from 9am-10pm), Trotter fosters a better understanding of multicultural diversity at U of M. Trotter also offers daily, weekly, and bi-annual attractions that might tickle your fancy.

Blue sign reading "William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center" in front of the Trotter Multicultural Center. There is a sidewalk leading up to the building and green trees in the background.

A Profile of Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh

On December 29th 2014 the hopes and dreams of University of Michigan football fans across the globe became a reality; Jim Harbaugh would become the team’s 20th Head Coach.

I, like many other fans, watched the press conference on the 30th with stirring anticipation, hanging on to every word delivered by interim Athletic Director Jim Hackett and new Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. I grinned with Wolverine pride while giving foreshadowing glances to my parents who unfortunately follow the darkside… the “Green and White” persuasion.

Football coach Jim Harbaugh laughing and pointing to the audience while on stage in front of a microphone. There are block M's on the backdrop behind him.

The History of Campus Information

Campus Information was developed largely in response to the lack of centralized information at the University of Michigan. People were frustrated with going to the wrong place, not getting the information needed, and discovering too late that the university had a service or facility that could have helped them. These problems were aggravated by the university’s large size and decentralized nature. Therefore, in 1978, the first proposal was made to implement a system to solve that problem. To deal with this issue we operate sites both on central and north campus.

Block M with "Campus Info" underneath in white lettering. Dark blue background.

PALMA Feature

Within the Residential College there is a student organization called Proyecto Advance: Latino Mentoring Association or PALMA. Officially established in 2004, PALMA provides tutoring twice a week to Latino students in Ann Arbor. They also offer English lessons as a Second Language to adults and a Pre-K program for children. The main focus of PALMA is to foster academic development while promoting the importance of post-secondary education.

PALMA logo which has a dark purple background and PALMA spelled out using little pictures of students participating in the program. They are doing things like reading, writing, and tutoring.

Tips for Surviving Midterms/Finals Stress

Midterms/Finals at Michigan is one of the most hectic times of the year. While many of us are overachievers, we may feel stressed out and overwhelmed. To help you put the week(s) in perspective, here our our a-maize-ing tips to keep stress levels low and hopefully help you succeed!

List of Study Tips: 1) Manage your time 2) Catch some z's 3)Make Flashcards 4) Join a Study Group 5)Treat Yourself

Best Buddies Feature

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization with chapters worldwide, and we are lucky enough to have one right here on campus! This organization matches U-M students with peers from Washtenaw County, who have intellectual disabilities, to form one-on-one friendships and raise awareness about disability. With numerous events throughout the year, volunteers get to know their buddies and other club members better. This organization is an amazing way to further enrich your education here at the University of Michigan while also creating life-long friendships.

Poster for Best Buddies

Fitness & Wellness Resource List

With the winter semester approaching, many people forget the importance of excercising something other than their brain. Although it is crucial to workout your brain, it is also critical to take health and physical activity into consideration. Physical activity is essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve physical and mental health. Studies have shown that a lack in excercise may lead to increased risks of anxiety, stress, feelings of depression, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc.

Words "Woverine Fitness" in maize on blue background

CAPS at the Union

Ever been exhausted on campus with only an hour before your next class begins? Not enough time to go home...but if you don't do something, there's no way you'll make it through the rest of the day. The perfect solution? Go to CAPS!

CAPS Wellness Zone logo which starts with a block M in Maize, then says Wellness Zone with a picture of a large green tree between the words wellness and zone. Beneath in cursive it reads "drop in and relax"

Circle K Feature!

Circle K is one of the largest, most active community service student organizations on the University of Michigan campus. With service, leadership, and fellowship as the pillars of the organization, it works with chapters across the country and across the globe to execute service projects and charity events. Circle K, in coordination with its high school equivalent, Key Club, represents the largest student led organization in the world.

Circle K logo which is a blue circle that says "International" along the top. There is a white K in the middle with "circle" written over top of that. Overlapped over the logo is a maize block M with a dark blue outline.

Michigan Yoga Club Feature

For this post we are featuring Michigan Yoga Club, a new and exciting club that practices every week at aUM Yoga studio. Classes allow you to focus your energy and detox your body. It is the best study break on campus where you can meet new friends while receiving professional instruction in hot Vinyasa yoga. 

A person with long brown hair sitting cross-legged on a beach in a grey tank top and black shorts while laughing. There is water in the background and blue sky. Next to the person's head it reads "Yoga Club" with a block M

Outdoor Adventures Feature!

After being cooped up in the library these past few weeks while attempting to survive midterms, I know that I am ready for some fun and fresh air. If you are in the same boat, then Outdoor Adventures might be the perfect solution!

Outdoor adventures logo which is a picture of black mountains outline in white. The sky above the mountains is filled with maize and blue lines. In white it says "outdoor adventures University of Michigan" along the bottom it says "Trips|Wilderness Medicine|Banff|Classes|MRock|Rental Equipment"

Kerrytown: Shopping, Food, Concerts & More!

U of M’s campus offers a vibrant atmosphere, but where should you go when you want a change of pace from your frequent strolls down Main Street or through the Diag? Kerrytown. At this historic hidden gem, just a few blocks away from downtown Ann Arbor, you’ll discover unique shops and to-die-for food. Information about all of the shops and markets can be found by clicking Kerrytown's website here.  Maybe you will have time to spend an afternoon from 1-3pm listening to the Summer concert Series before August ends!

Kerrytown brown brick building that holds many different shops with lit up "open" signs and other advertisements. Some of the shops include Sweetwater's Coffee and Bank of Ann Arbor.

Residence Hall Move-Out

In this edition of Umich 102, staff member Chelsey explains the residence hall move-out process. 

Red/Brown wooded Lofted residence hall bed and desk arrangement in an otherwise empty dorm room.

Spring Activities

Spring is officially here but the weather has not been too cooperative. Now that it is finally starting to warm up, check out our list of awesome spring activities to do on campus! 

Pink and red tulips in a garden on a sunny day on campus

Summer Sublease and Sublet Tips

Finding a summer sublease or sublet can be a little tricky. Check out these tips by staff member, Kyla, to make the process go as smoothly as possible! 

picture of green house with red roof that have the words "Looking for a Summer sublet?" above it.

Finding an Internship

Internships are a great way to determine if something will be your dream job or your worst nightmare. Staff member and internship allstar, Phoebe, talks about using campus resources to find a summer internship! 

White text reading "Looking for a Summer Internship?" with a white to-go cup labeled "espresso" with a brown and green band around the middle of the cup. Dark blue background.

UMMA's Unique Offerings

The University of Michigan Museum of Art, or UMMA, is home to many different works of art.  Check out our blog post for more information about current exhibits! 


Tips for Staying Healthy

Staying healthy during the winter semester can be a challenge. There are many things you can do to avoid getting sick, but if you do end up feeling under the weather, there are things you can do to make your life a little easier! 

Blue snowflake with a red heart in the middle

Explore Kerrytown

Kerrytown is a wonderful little gem tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of downtown and campus.  Take a few hours and explore this unique part of town! 

Kerrytown market

Umich 101: Balancing School and a Social Life

In this edition of Umich 101, staff member Joey, discusses the importance of maintaining a balance between school work and social activities.  A balance between the two is necessary to ensure academic success and happiness! 


Let's Talk About Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an experience many college students cherish.  There are many different ways to find study abroad programs - learn more finding the right program for you in this post! 

A castle-like building in the distance with a blue sky, puffy clouds, and lush trees and flowers in front of it.

Umich 101: Joining Student Orgs

On a campus with thousands of other students it can be hard to find your niche. We can all agree that our university offers a spectacular academic experience, but a place to really learn and grow personally is within student organizations. By joining such groups you can gain leadership experience, make lasting friendships, and share your passions with those who truly understand. The best part about being at such a big school is that there really is a group for everything, and even if there isn’t, you can easily start one yourself.

Maize Pages

Umich 101: Getting Along with your Roommate

No relationship is perfect, especially when it comes to roommates. For many of us, living with friends or acquaintances is a new experience, and sometimes a frustrating one! But fear not, there are plenty of tips, techniques, and resources that you can use to turn your dorm, house, or apartment into a home.

OSCR logo

Umich 101: Success in College

Learn to be an extraordinary wolverine by reading our blog series - Umich 101! In this edition of Umich 101: Success in College, learn all about the importance of finding balance between school, studying, and health! 

MPlanner cover design

Navigating the First Day of Class

It's official, the school year is upon us.  With classes starting today, you may have a lot of questions about Michigan, but don't worry because we're here to help! 

The Wave Field on North

The Wave Field is truly an artistic treasure of North Campus.  If you don’t know, The Wave Field is an earthen sculpture on the Southeast side of the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Building.  It was designed and created by Maya Lin, an artist well known for creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC in addition to the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery Alabama.  The Wave Field is also a memorial to Francois-Xavier Bagnoud.  Perhaps the most unique aspect of The Wave Field is the way the appearance changes

wave field

Discover the Detroit Observatory

Want a chance to explore something new on campus? Check out the Detroit Observatory located near the medical campus and the hill residence hall area! 

Sepia tone photo of the Detroit Observatory; a dome shaped building on UM's campus with flags on it's perimeter

Stay Cool in A2: Canoe on the River

The first of our summer blog series "Stay Cool in A2" features information about tubing and canoeing on the river.  This is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors while finding a little relief from the hot summer sun!  

Kayaking on the cascades

Kerrytown Farmer's Market

The Kerrytown area of downtown Ann Arbor offers a different vibe than the campus area of A2.  The Farmer's Market provides fresh produce, flowers, and the like to citizens and students. 

Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Moving out tips

Move out from the residence halls and apartments has begun.  Make sure to read these tips and tricks to stay ahead of the game during your move out.  Good luck! 

Moving boxes

CAPS: Do Something

College life can be stressful and sometimes its good to relax and destress.  Staff member, Joey, writes about a service provided to all Michigan Students - Counseling and Psychological Services! 

CAPS do something

St. Paddy's Day is almost here!

St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday, March 17.  Our staff member, Caitlin, writes about one of her favorite holidays in our latest blog post.  Check out this post to learn fun facts about this holiday!  

Box outlined with green with green and grey stripes throughout. Green three leaf clover in the center.

Spring Forward

Daylight savings is on Sunday, March 13!  The official time change is at 2:00am.  Nicole shares some fun facts about springing forward.  

A white wall with three black and white clocks posted in a row. There are rectangular lights on the ceiling shining directly on the clocks.

SAPAC: a resource for students on campus

The Sexual Assault and Prevention Awareness Center is a resource for students that has recently moved to the Michigan Union!  Staff member, Morgan, writes about what SAPAC has to offer students.  

Old banner for SAPAC

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