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Welcome back, Wolverines! We know how absolutely stressful move-in week can be - especially with a long to-do list in mind to prepare yourself for that first day of class - so we’ve collected some resources that might help quell your worries while you and your familiars are hauling mini-fridges and your entire wardrobe through residence hall entrances.


Finding Classes, Labs, and Offices

If you are a freshman, the concept of finding your classes might be a bit overwhelming. When assessing your class schedule on Wolverine Access, you are likely to run into confusing acronyms such as AH, MH, FXB, etc. In order to debunk their meanings, feel free to utilize Campus Info’s Acronyms Decoder.

If you worry about your back-to-back classes, rest assured because long ago the University began accounting for travel time, so, even though your schedule says that your class starts at 1pm, the instructor might not approach the podium until 1:10pm. This is due to Michigan Time - an idea that most professors and graduate student instructors (GSIs) honor. If you are virtually traveling from one end of the campus to the other and worry that you won’t be able to make it on Michigan Time either, then simply stay after and discuss the issue with your professor! We suggest physically walking your class schedule before the first day, to pinpoint where travel and time issues may arise so you aren’t surprised on day one.


Purchasing Books and Supplies

There are three affiliated bookstores on U of M’s campus, where course books are available, as well as general school supplies (and supplies for Art and Design students at Pierpont!). Our partnering Barnes and Nobles are located on both campuses, on central in the Michigan Union and on north at the Pierpont Commons.

Barnes and Noble - Michigan Union                
Ground Floor                                                    

530 S. State Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Ph: (734) 995-8877

Hours: M-F 9am-6pm; Sat 10am-5pm


Barnes and Noble – Pierpont Commons

First Floor
2101 Bonisteel Blvd

Ann Arbor, Mi 48109                                            

Ph: (734) 668-6022

Hours: M-F 9am-6pm; Sat 10am-5pm

There is also a third bookstore not located in a University Unions building - Ulrich’s Bookstore, which is conveniently right on the edge of campus.


Ulrich’s Bookstore
549 E. University Ave
Ann Arbor, Mi 48104
Ph: (734) 662-3201
Hours of Operation: M-Th 9a-7p, F 9a-6p, Sat 10a-5p, Sun 12p-5p

The days leading up to classes, as well as during the first week of class, are incredibly hectic in these bookstores, so if you plan on buying supplies and course materials then some serious time needs to be set aside to navigate the long lines and wait for representatives to answer your questions. Some courses do not require textbooks, and instead require coursepacks - a printed booklet of all readings and exercises that the academic department puts together. These coursepacks are often printed through Dollar Bill Copying, another business that U of M relies on.

Dollar Bill Copying
611 Church Street
Ann Arbor, Mi 48104
Ph: (734) 665-9200

Often, professors will update Wolverine Access with textbook information that you can view under the Enrollment tab while looking at your class schedule. On the right-hand side near the top, it has the option to see Textbook List View. If it is updated, the ISBN, title, edition, etc. will be available and you can utilize these to either search online or find the book in-store. If the textbook list is not available for some classes, the professors might instead post the book information on the course’s Ctools site, or even in an e-mail. Of course, if no information for textbooks is provided, it is likely that the instructor has the book list available on the syllabus that will be distributed on the first day of class - in these situations, you are not expected to bring these mystery books on the first day. However, if you would like to be completely sure that you are not underprepared, send the instructor an email about your concerns and they will let you in on their plan.


Contacting Campus Information

Come visit us, we are a really stellar group of people who are trained to answer your questions or give insight about specific University phenomenons! There are many ways to get  in contact with us and our resources.

In Person:
We are located on the first floor of both the Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons, behind a desk, under a sign that reads “Campus Information". Here, we can take the hands-on approach and draw out directions for you on our plethora of campus maps, illustrate a bus route, etc. At these locations you can also pick up a wide variety of informational literature about the campus and the Ann Arbor area.

Via Email:
The Information Assistants at Campus Information field a lot of questions via email. You can contact us at

Call Us:
(734) 764-INFO (4636)

Social Media:
Tweet #askumich on Twitter, and we will answer your questions through our @umichcampusinfo account. “Like” us on Facebook for campus updates, to ask questions, to stay in-the-know, follow us on Tumblr and utilize the Ask Me Anything option to get in touch with an Information Assistant.  Follow us on Instagram for visual campus updates: umichcampusinfo

Enjoy your first week at Michigan,


Chat With us

Chat service is staffed during standard Campus Info hours of operation. We also welcome your calls at 764-INFO (4636)

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