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You’ve survived your first week of freshman year, but after going over every syllabus of your classes your probably thinking how am I going survive this class let alone all of them? Well, not to worry.  Although it may seem daunting now, freshman year will be one of best years of your life, so here are some tips to help make your year great.

At orientation every freshman gets an M- Planner - use it. As a freshman you’re lucky enough to get this awesome planner for free. Write homework assignments and events in your planner to help keep your life organized. Try color coating homework, meetings and events to keep things from getting too messy. If for some reason you lose your planner, no worries, the bookstores on campus sell them. This planner will become your best friend and will help to diminish all of the “that was due today?!” moments.

As you will come to notice, in college there is a lot more homework and studying than there was in high school. On campus there are a number of great places to do homework. If you’re living in a residence hall, each one has a Community Learning Center (CLC), which is a great place to study without having to leave the building. If you live off campus or just want to get away from the residence hall, some great places are the Shapiro Library, Hatcher Graduate Library, the Dude, the Union, the League, or Pierpont. Those are just some of the places you can study on campus but there are plenty more just be adventurous and you may find a new favorite study spot!

With all of the homework and studying you also need to take some time for yourself. One great stress reliever is exercising. On campus the CCRB, NCRB and IM building all have a variety of work out equipment, basketball courts, a pool and squash courts. You can even sign up for classes like zumba and yoga. If it’s a nice day out, a run through the Arb is always a scenic way to get some exercise. If you’re stressed and just looking for a place to relax, go to the CAPS Wellness Zone located in the Union. This room has massage chairs, heat lamps and other resources that will help any student de-stress and relax.

Be excited for freshman year, don’t worry too much and don’t forget to sleep.

Good Luck and Go Blue!


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