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August 31st will bring the masses to Ann Arbor.  While this is the last day of August, it is also the day of the first home football game!  For the freshman, this event will mark a new experience, a glimpse into the future of their time spent at Michigan.  For the seniors, this event will mark the end of an era spent obsessing over a team every Saturday for the last four years.

Michigan Football Saturday’s are always a good time.  From the thousands of people that come to Ann Arbor, to the tailgates and lines at restaurants, the spirit in the air on any given Football Saturday is unlike anything else.  Even if you do not go to the game, the school spirit can be felt from every corner on campus.  Students fill the streets and front yards and the diag with bright maize shirts and pom-poms.  

The tradition of Michigan Football creates a lasting legacy with all students who partake in watching the games. Camaraderie felt in the stands after the team scores a touchdown is unlike anything else.  As the Michigan Marching Band plays “Hail to the Victors,” the student section will go wild, and in that moment you will feel overwhelming joy to be a Michigan Wolverine. At no other time in your life will you feel so connected to the students standing by your side, rooting for the same purpose, the same reason, the same team.  Enjoy the first home football game with Team 134 and cherish the words of the late Bo Schembechler as you watch your team with your classmates, “those who stay will be champions.”

Always and Forever Go Blue,


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