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Taking spring and summer half-term classes is a smart way to pinch some precious tuition pennies and move through credits at a faster pace. As spring term exams commence, summer term starts up this Thursday and Campus Information has some tips for staying focused during another delicious Michigan summer:


1. Take enjoyable courses – If you’re aiming to rack up credits, it’s much easier to stay engaged when the courses are in line with your interests. This also aids in preventing burn-out if you are registered as a full-time student or are coming straight out of winter term.


- However, if you’re making up credits or avoiding taking difficult pre-requisites during the dim winter months, the choice to challenge yourself is valiant… consider the following ways to keep yourself motivated...


2. Utilize motivational techniques - It might be beneficial to set up a personal reward system. Set manageable goals and schedule those outrageous activities that you like to partake in for when you’ve completed your tasks. Also, get to know your instructors. Good relationships with professors and GSIs promote attendance and drive students to improve their work.


3. Study outside – While the Diag may be distracting, there are plenty of open-air study spaces in Ann Arbor. Whether it’s the patio of your favorite coffee shop or the outdoor seating by Shapiro or UMMA, navigating your classwork in the sun will allow you to feel immersed in the season.


4. Buy or borrow the textbooks – The shortened semester often prompts some students to skip out on purchasing the literature, but not having the material in front of you can hinder your ability to keep up on assignments or understand course concepts! The pay-off of getting a better grade almost always offsets the initial cost of procuring the textbook.


5. Ration out your social time – It’s going to be difficult to focus on schoolwork with your friends hitting the Summer Festival, the Huron River, local parks, or your favorite campus bar every night after work until Welcome Week. Class time, and the unavoidable study time necessary to do well, are commitments summer session students must uphold. So, lock yourself in the stacks if that’s what it takes. If social time at your favorite student haunt is what you want, sprinkle it sparingly throughout the next couple weeks – because it’s time to buckle in!


Best of luck, Wolverines! There's never a break for the Leaders & Best!

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