Campus Information

Due to Covid-19, many of the study spaces listed below may not be accessible or only accessible by reservation. For the latest on finding spots to study on campus, please visit


There are plenty of great places to study on and around campus. However, be warned that some of these places remain at a cool temperature all year round, so dress appropriately. Although not a comprehensive list, below are some suggestions for study locations at the University of Michigan.

Coffee Shops

  • Everyone knows of at least one coffee shop on campus or in downtown Ann Arbor; if not, just walk down South University or State Street and you will pass several!

Shapiro Undergraduate Library (UGLi)

  • Phone: 734-764–7490

Law Library

  • The Reading Room is a very quiet place to study and there is a portion of the space open to anyone. 
  • Phone: 734-764-9324

Hatcher Graduate Library

  • The Reading Room is located on the second floor of the building, and there are individual study rooms throughout the building
  • Phone: 734-764–0400

Duderstadt Center

  • AKA "The Dude" is located on North Campus.  This is a huge building that has many places to study.
  • Phone: 734-763-3266

Pierpont Commons

  • Fireside Cafe — from the front entrance, walk past the information center, up a few stairs, and turn right.

Michigan Union Study Lounges

  • The Willis Ward Lounge and Study Lounge are located on the first floor near to Campus Information.

Michigan League

  • The League has a lot of nooks and crannies that are great for studying. The League Underground feels like a very large living room.

Palmer Commons  

  • Palmer Commons' has many study nooks floors 4-6. Additionally, they have the Windows Lounge on the 3rd floor that serves as a social meeting place for students but also doubles as a great study resource. There are plenty of booths, tables, and couches to study at with printers, computers, and copying machines for use.


  • Rackham is a nice, open, and quiet area too. The historic architecture will make you feel smarter in no time.

East Quad Basement

  • East Quad has seating downstairs, a cafe, and even has its own computer lab!

The Tap Room

  • The Tap Room in the basement of the Union rocks and is quiet too.

The North Quad Media Gateway

  • The North Quad Media Gateway also is a great environment to study in (because it is well lit and has printers nearby!)

Trotter Multicultural Center

  • Trotter Multicultural Center is a great resource too. It has many spots on different levels of the building, a small computer lab with Mprint printers, and a study room/lounge!

The School of Dentistry

  • Ever notice all of the pillars that hold up a large room in the building next to Central Campus Transit Center? Well, it is a really big study room with large tables and single booth (that even have lamps in them!). Although it is primarily for dentistry students, their exams might not line up with yours and you can usually grab a table.


  • The UMMA has a small seating area with tables that is all glass, so there is plenty of sunlight to help you do what need to do!

The Chem Building Science Learning Center (SLC)

  • The SLC is a great place to get help from GSIs for Bio, Chem, Stats, etc. It is a relatively quiet space to focus on problem sets and other homework assignments.

Mason Hall

  • If you’re in a student org, you might be able to reserve a room for free and all study together. If you’re not, you can always see if any rooms are unlocked and empty on the weekends. It's worth a shot if you could benefit from the projectors and screen in a group study environment.

Munger Residences

  • Munger Residences is only open to graduate students

Fine Arts Library

  • Phone: 734-764–5404