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Here's why you should care about this club as much as I do! 

What they stand for: The ambitious members of this club raise money throughout the year with the intent of donating to a charity chosen by the club.  After fundraising, the club puts on a major concert on campus in the Spring.  Last year, the club (along with sponsorship from Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity) was able to raise enough to bring J.Cole to Hill Auditorium, and donated $10,000 to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.  Another major event organized by MUSIC Matters is SpringFest, which is a festival on the Diag that showcases performances, presentations and booths from 100+ student organizations.  Much like 'Festifall,' this helps keep students informed about all the great organizations we have here on campus.

How the club works: In the Fall, the club hosts a few mass meetings for potential/returning members.  At these meetings, club members introduce each of the seven committees and talk about their plans for
the upcoming year.  New club members join one of seven committees. The committees are Fundraising, Talent & Concert, SpringFest, University Relations, Publicity & Advertisement, Recruitment & Membership, and Charity.  Each committee has a committee leader, and most have one or more vice-chairs.  Committees try hard to find times that work around everybody's schedules, and meet regularly to discuss club matters. While each committee has a different role and different agenda, all
members regardless of committee have individual fundraising goals for the year.

How they get things done: Each committee has large responsibilities, and the more participants we have, the better.  MUSIC Matters hosts various social fundraising events throughout the year, for members and
non-members to participate in.  Earlier this year the club hosted a Whirly Ball event, and just recently the club hosted a cocktail event at Sava's, which included free snacks, a local DJ, and raffle prizes such as concert tickets and gear from local vendors.  Another really fun event the club puts on is Battle of the Bands.  This event helps local bands gain recognition, and the winner has the opportunity to be an opening act at the final concert!  Club members also have opportunities to participate in various community service projects throughout the year.  This year, members were invited to spend time helping out with a local Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Members are always encouraged to come up with new ways to help the club raise money so that we can put on the best concert possible come spring time.

Why this club is important to students: This club has a lot of potential for leadership positions among the committees, and looks great on any job application.  It allows members to gain experience working with talent agencies, publicity outlets, and the artists themselves. It looks great on resumes, and it is a really fun and rewarding way for students to get involved on campus.  Club members also frequently blog and Facebook about new music they find or old favorites they want to share, so be sure to check out some of the links below!

Upcoming dates: This year, the Battle of the Bands will take place on March 21st at Hill Auditorium.  Both SpringFest and the concert will be held on April 11th, and information about the artist will be released as it becomes available.

For information on joining MUSIC Matters contact: 

Check out Music Matters on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog.

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