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Doors of Opportunity do not open, they unlock; it is up to you to turn the knob.

Are you interested in helping high school and middle school students achieve their college dreams? If so, then you should think about joining the University of Michigan’s student organization Doors of Opportunity (DOPP). DOPP helps to expose prospective college students from the Metro-Detroit area to the educational opportunities that lie outside the borders of their communities. The goal of this organization is to help students realize that attending a university, such as the University of Michigan, is indeed a possibility, regardless of their backgrounds or contrary beliefs.

DOPP tries to achieve this goal through various workshops, presentations, and campus days. Campus days consists of bringing high school students to the University and giving them a tour, as well as having speakers from various offices, such as from the administration and financial aid offices to speak to them and answer questions. There is also a student panel from various grade levels and majors discussing their application processes and life at Michigan, as well as answer any questions the students may have.  Members of the organization also hold application workshops for high seniors at their high schools.  At the middle school level, the organization holds presentations that focus on methods that will enable the students to benefit from the opportunities presented to them in high school.

Doors of Opportunity is an amazing organization that brings joy, happiness, and confidence to not only the middle school and high school students, but its members as well. If you would like to join, or have any questions, you can send an email to

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