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If you ever find yourself in legal trouble and you don’t what to do next, give Student Legal Services a call. Student Legal Services is a law office that provides assistance to all currently enrolled students.  SLS lawyers can provide full-representation or simply offer their expert advice.

A few of the most common areas of practice that SLS handles includes:

  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol(MIP) tickets
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Security deposit retrieval
  • Driver’s license restoration
  • Employment grievances
  • Notarizing documents

For a full list of services, visit the Student Legal Services website.  

Student organizations can also request to have an SLS staff member speak at one of their meetings.  This is a great way to inform students about all of the services that SLS offers. 

Student Legal Service is located at 715 North University (directly above To make an appointment call (734)763-9920.

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