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Each and every fall, Michigan traditions are in full swing. Students flock back to Ann Arbor to move in, meet up with friends, and experience the college life once again.  With the start of school comes the start of sorority rush.  This is an exciting process for young women as they decide to go Greek!

The entire sorority recruitment process definitely seems overwhelming at first, especially for incoming freshman who are just getting used to the entire college experience. However, this fast-paced and exciting time definitely pays off in the end. Each girl that goes through recruitment gets to visit and meet girls at every sorority house here on campus. 

Four rounds of parties separate new members from their future sorority house.  Each party – and by party we don’t mean the kind with red solo cups – has a different objective.  The parties help potential new members learn about each sorority chapter to help them figure out where they would best fit.  The first event, “Mixers,” is the most casual and fast-paced. The parties get more formal as they continue, ending in “Preference Parties,” where girls going through recruitment get to visit up to four of their top choice houses and talk to a single girl for the entirety of each party. The excitement and anticipation of rush finally ends on Bid Day, where each Sorority house welcomes their new members!

In addition to all the other exciting things happening during Fall at the University of Michigan (Festifall, football games, meeting new people, Fall Break, etc.), sorority rush is definitely something worthwhile that will create lifelong memories! 

Want to know more about Fall 2013 Recruitment?  Check out the Greek Life website for more information. 

Make sure to follow the Panhellenic Association at UMICH on Twitter  stay up to date on rush and Greek Life events! 

Go Greek and Go Blue! 

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