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The Residential College (The RC) started in the 1960s, as a smaller, liberal arts college within LSA. So what exactly is the Residential College today?

Nowadays, RC classes, majors, and minors are open to all students within LSA, so why should anyone choose to do it? Many students will mention the convenient Central Campus housing (RIP old-East Quad), but if you come for the housing you stay for the academics and community. As an RC student, there are a few requirements you must meet in addition to the general LSA Distribution. We are expected to complete an additional language requirement, which for most students means studying one of the six RC intensive languages and sitting through a proficiency exam at the end of your second 8-credit semester (!!!), plus a readings class. We have to complete our freshman writing requirement through the RC, live in RC housing for our first two years, and take four additional RC courses while at U-M.

Our classes are small seminars, in which you will (probably) be asked to call your professor by their first name. They will know yours, and it’s not unheard of for them to invite your class over to their house at the end of the semester. You will see the same people in your classes, your hall, the dining hall, but you will never grow tired of talking to them because of all the wonderful ideas bouncing around in our brains.

The RC is full of wonderful people.  More than anything else the RC provides U-M students with an academic community that fosters acceptance, creativity, open-minded thinking, and the occasional dream in another language.

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Howdy, my name is Spencer, and I’m from Hemlock, Michigan. I’m a senior majoring in Environmental Science (PitE). Outside of classes, I’m involved in the Irish Club, the German Club, First-Generation College Students, and the Squirrel Club. 

  • Favorite Memory at Michigan: Declaring my major the same day I finally decided on one.