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Before I get to the actual point of this post, I just want to take a moment and welcome you all to Michigan! As a recent grad, I’m about to move to a different continent, and head out into the real world, (yikes) and am absolutely jealous of all of you coming to campus.

Let me preface this post by saying that this is my opinion, and mine alone. Obviously what works for me may not float your boat, so take it all with a grain of salt. I’ve compiled a short list of things that I think are must-knows for your Residence Hall Move-In.

Not sure when you are scheduled to move in? Check out this website for the schedule! 

  • Pack light! Remember that you are going to have to lug all that stuff in (and out), so I would advise you all to think twice about bringing those nearly identical shirts, multiple blankets (I promise the dorms will be hot enough), and non-class related books.  Make sure to remember the basics (i.e. tooth brush, towels, etc).  Check out this list for ideas on what to bring. Move-In Makers will be available to assist you during the move-in process, so make sure to find someone from this program if you need help! 
  • What you use/need at home is much different than in the dorm, may prove to be distractions come study time. This kind of builds off my last point. You will have much less time to sit around and watch tv, play video games, and play sports, and there are plenty of places on and around campus where you can do this, so think twice about bringing some of these larger items along. Use this as an opportunity to explore campus: there’s the video game archive in the Dude, multiple recreation buildings, and Netflix always exists.
  • Avoid long lines at the elevator and bring carriable boxes- several hundred people will be trying to move in at the same time you are, so give your buns and thighs a workout and skip that long elevator line by carrying items!
  • Keep your door open! I am sure you’ve heard this advice multiple times from multiple people, but you will never be exactly sure who will stick their heads in. I met my two best friends as I was moving in, and I’m certainly glad I did.
  • Participate in all the Welcome Week Events! They’re part of the move-in experience, and they may seem corny, but there is free food, and the awkward conversations the first few weeks are unavoidable, so embrace it.


  • Remember your parents. They are probably just as anxious as you are about starting college, and they really do want to help get you settled. It will be hard for them to go, so I’d recommend going to one last lunch or dinner with them before they leave you to start your time here at U-M.

Have questions about Residence Hall Move-In? Connect with us on Twitter using the #askumich or contact University Housing! 

Welcome to campus and Go Blue!


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