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For students here at the university, it seems that just as one semester begins, the next one is never far from our minds. (Unless of course this is your last semester, in which case, congratulations!) I have friends who obsess over their class schedules, eagerly scanning the course guide way in advance of their registration dates, calculating out multiple schedules until they find the perfect one.  The Michigan Difference, right? Then there are those that procrastinate (like myself), and begin learning about what is being offered after backpacking begins, or in extreme cases, just before the actual registration date. Whatever your style, this post is meant to provide you with some helpful tips and links for the upcoming course registration for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2013.

The first place you may want to consult is the Office of the Registrar, the official provider of student academic calendars, where you can find information about early and regular registration dates, as well as general term calendars.

For Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer, and Fall 2013, backpacking opens on March 27th, with grad students able to register April 3rd-5th, and undergrads able to register April 8th-April 23rd.  Not sure of when your registration date is? Go to Wolverine Access. Then click on Student Business → Enrollment → Enrollment Dates. Here you will be able to see your scheduled appointment date for when you can officially register. This will become available once backpacking opens.

Now what classes should you take? Of course, consult with your advisor or keep your list of required classes and suggested electives handy. Then when you are ready, browse the LSA Course Guide, or your respective department/school’s website for a list of courses, prerequisites, times, and teachers. Here is a link to the LSA Course Guide, which includes a search feature allowing for efficient navigation of the wide array of subjects and concentrations.

Once you’ve selected the classes that you want to take, make sure to include a few back-ups in your backpack. This way, you won’t be totally heartbroken if you go to register and a section is filled or a class is closed. If you’re having a hard time keeping a list of potential schedules straight, there are various websites that allow you to create and view schedules. I personally use and appreciate this schedulizer.  You can create an account, select University of Michigan as your school, and it has all of the potential classes for each term, allowing for you to be a bit more organized.

In summary, when registering for classes, remember to do some research, take classes that are going to help or excite you, talk to your advisor if you have any questions or concerns, remember your registration date and time, and of course, breathe and know that it will all work out! Best of luck to everyone during the upcoming registration period. Go Blue!

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