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The University of Michigan is home to more than 20 libraries, that all provide valuable research opportunities to the students, faculty, and even public of Ann Arbor.  There are some library giants, such as the UGLi and Hatcher Graduate Library, and many times these giants can overshadow smaller, but still indispensable, library collections.

One such collection is housed at the Bentley Historical Library at 1150 Beal Avenue on North Campus, home to resources focused on the history of the state of Michigan, as well as serving as the archives for the University.  In order to fulfill these functions, the library allocates its resources into four areas: the Michigan Historical Collections, the University Archives and Records Program, Digital Curation, and Access and Reference Services.

This library treasure is useful whether you need some information for that Michigan authors class you are taking, or if you are just curious about how the University found its roots.  Remember the Bentley Historical Library next time you need a new place to study, or just need a place to take some time to browse a book. 

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