Campus Information

Parking in Ann Arbor and on campus is often limited. However, there are many structures and some street parking around campus.

Parking Rates
In general, you can expect to pay $1.90/hr for metered parking and $1.20/hr for parking in a structure. If parking in a metered space "on campus," expect to pay $2/hr.

A list of rates for every structure is available on the Downtown Development Authority website. For a list of rates for on-campus structures, check out the Visitor Parking link on the Parking & Transportation Services website.  

Free Parking
On Central Campus and around downtown Ann Arbor, free parking is available during these times:

All Federal Holidays
HoursMonday-Saturday: after 6:00pm
HoursSunday: All Day

Parking Violations

Violations are issued if a car is parked illegally or if time has expired on a meter. All violations and payment options are handled by the city of Ann Arbor.

A word to the wise - make sure you don't get a violation because they become costly! If you're on campus, the fine for parking at an expired meter is $40, or $30 if paid the next business day. The fine for parking with no permit in a University lot is $75, or $65 if paid the next day. The price of a parking ticket in the city is $25, or $15 if paid the next day. 

Disability Parking Information