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Orientation is an exciting time for new students and parents.  This three day program marks the initial transition to college and college life.  It is important to remember that this is a time to learn as much about the university as possible.  Take in the environment, the buildings, and residence hall life – for this is a preview of the year to come.

One tip that I can definitely recommend is to bring a fan! Orientation housing will be held in Mary Markley dormitory this year, my freshman year residence hall, and I can guarantee that it will get hot in the rooms.  Also, remember to wear comfortable shoes.  I decided that fashion was more important than comfort (dress for success anyone?) and I immediately regretted that decision.  I wish I would have brought flip flops or tennis shoes instead of flats and fun strappy sandals that were hard to walk in. I’m pretty sure I had my mom go buy me some flip flops so I could actually walk around with my orientation group!

I also cannot stress enough that this is the time to meet and interact with your fellow orientation buddies.  The people you meet on orientation could end up being your lifelong friends or at least someone to eat lunch with in Mojo during the school year.  While it might seem nerve-racking or awkward at first, everyone is in the same boat as you, so be friendly and open to meeting new kinds of people during your three days at Michigan. 

While you may freaking out about scheduling your classes, remember that freshman year is a good time to try new things.  Have you ever been interested in the stars and galaxies? Take an astronomy class. Or did you take a language in high school and hate it? This is the time to try new things.  Don’t worry if you do not get a perfect schedule for your fall semester – freshmen rarely get a “perfect” schedule!  

Have questions while you are here during orientation? Ask your orientation leaders for help or stop by our information desk at the Michigan Union or Pierpont Commons.  You can even tweet us your questions! Use #askumich in your tweet for a response provided by Campus Info. Enjoy the glimpse of your next four years during orientation! Go Blue!



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