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Valentines Day. While some students will be walking through campus carrying roses, chocolates, and a smile on their faces, others will be actively attempting to avoid signs of the Hallmark holiday. (Been there, done that.) Luckily, I’ve compiled a list that both Valentines and the Valentine-less can enjoy.

There are many things to do on and around campus for Valentines Day. First off, for those of you looking to purchase a sweet gift, why not contribute to a charity while doing so? Delta Phi Epsilon will be hosting their annual “65 Roses for Cystic Fibrosis” sale February 4th-February 8th Stop by Mason Hall or the Chem Building to place your order for chocolate roses, truffles, and more!  Also, U-go’s is selling care packages that you can send to your sweetheart!  These are available for delivery.  For more information, check out this this website.  Even if you don’t have a Valentine this year, call your family and convince them to send one of these awesome care packages to you!

The Ark is hosting its annual “My Folky Valentine” show featuring a few of the region’s top musical couples. What better way to spend your Valentines Day evening than enjoying music with your special someone? Tickets are $15 and the show begins at 8pm.

If you are looking to have an economical Valentines Day, a homemade dinner is a fun, romantic and all around excellent choice. To complete the classic dinner and a movie combo, take advantage of the student discount at the beautiful Michigan Theater!

You do not need a Valentine to participate in any of the above Valentines Day celebrations-- Enjoy the gift of love in the form of a friend or family member! For those of you whose opinions on Valentines Day will remain unreceptive, I suggest a bag of Dove chocolates, a good sob story on Netflix, and Pizza House on your speed dial. 

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