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A sheet of paper with images and texts to represent goals


Online learning can be hard and exhausting, and it can be difficult to stay motivated. Many times throughout this past year, we have lost track of our goals and spent a majority of our time just trying to survive. While it is ok to take a break every once and awhile, it is important to remind ourselves why we continue to do what we do and our drive to do that. An informative and fun way to do this is to create a vision board! This also serves as a break from virtual life, and is completely hands on! While most people do this to kick off the new year, you can make one anytime and at a low cost! Here are some steps to get you started:

Step 1: Ask yourself, what are your goals and what do you want to accomplish?

This can be throughout the year, the next few months, or life in general. Don’t worry about getting everything right on the first try, because you can always change your vision board or go back and add to it! A good way to think of your goals is to visualize where you want to be, and map out what you still need to do to get there. Still having some troubles? Consulting with a wellness coach at Wolverine Wellness can help you get on the right track to finding meaningful goals. As you think more about this, keep a list of the concrete goals you come up with! 

Step 2: When you create this list of goals, think of something physical that could represent it.

This could be pictures, quotes, or small mementos that have a lot of meaning to them. You can always print pictures out or cut them out of magazines, as well as hand write any quotes or cut them out of print texts. Don’t put a limit to your creativity!

Step 3: Assemble it!

If you have a cork board at home, you can use push pins to hang up your different items. If not, do not worry! You can glue or tape them to a posterboard or large sheets of paper. If you chose to hang them directly to your wall, just make sure it is removable and does not damage your wall (especially if you are in a dorm or a lease!!) 


Art stores on or near U of M’s campus: 

JoAnn Fabrics: 2897 Oak Valley Drive 

Michaels: 3655 Washtenaw Ave 

SCRAP Creative Reuse: 4567 Washtenaw Ave 

University of Michigan Bookstore: The Michigan Union (also available online) 


Step 4 (optional): Add captions to your images or mementos to verbalize their importance to you! This is helpful especially if you have any specific goals!  

Make sure you hang the vision board somewhere where you can always see it so that you are constantly reminded of your goals! 

Happy crafting! :)