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Poster for class drop and add deadline

Class enrollment time slots usually take place close to finals week and most of us were not able to spend much time researching each class while backpacking. Before you noticed, it was winter break and you left school and everything behind focusing only on the fun. Until the day you were back on campus and you noticed how messy your schedule is. However, most of the classes you want to take are filled - not to mention there is a 20 student waitlist. This has happened to me nearly every semester. But my advice is DO NOT PANIC.  The the Drop/Add Deadline allows students to change their schedule and courses in the beginning of the semester!


Students should take advantage of these first three weeks, which allows us to attend different lectures and choose the right class. Instead of looking at other student’s reviews on, take the effort to walk into a lecture and experience it yourself, it can be completely different. The right lecture will not only fulfill your requirements but also fulfills your interests. The Drop/Add deadline is divided into three periods. In the first period(week 1-3), all of the classes can be added/dropped directly on Wolverine Access. As for the second period(week 4-9), you will need a Late Drop Form signed by the instructor and advisor as well as receiving a grade of “W” on the transcript. In the last period(after the 9th week) drops are accepted “only if non-academic extenuating circumstances occurring after the Period II deadline prevent the student from finishing the class.”  For more information please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.


Have a great semester!



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