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Even though the end of the semester can be a hectic time filled with events, exams, projects, and stress, it is important to always keep in mind the positive accomplishments that you’ve done so far. There are a number of ways you can reflect on your semester that can help you de-stress and prepare for what’s ahead.

For those of you who just finished their first or last semester, congrats! You are at a time in your life filled with new experiences and completing a semester at U of M is no small feat. Take a moment, a day, or even a week to spend time on yourself! Watch your favorite movie, reconnect with friends, binge on Netflix and nutella, or visit a new place. Anything to take your mind off of what’s behind you and what’s to come, and simply focus on you.

Another thing to keep in mind is making sure you highlight important things that happened this semester. Before you go home for the break, meet up with your friends and reminisce on the crazy things that happened this past fall. Maybe it was that all-nighter you pulled in the Ugli, your first going out experience, or maybe even that time you at 9 grilled cheese sandwiches at the dining hall. Whatever it is, your college experience will be over in a flash, so mark those memories in the file cabinet in the back of your head, and stow them away for when you need a laugh at your board meeting when you’re a middle aged CEO.

Whether you do it via Instagram, scrapbooking, journal-writing, or vlogging, make sure don’t let your youth slip through pages of text books and term papers. You made it through one semester, you will definitely be able to do it again. Prioritize your work, manage your time, and always make sure to give yourself a little break.

Congratulations and see you in January!


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