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The time of year is upon us again – Art Fair. This event is not only about showcasing creative and unique art from various regions, but also bringing together a culturally diverse crowd to the area that would not otherwise convene in this Michigan city. The Art Fair brings together those from all corners of the Michigan border, as well as people around the Midwest, and some from even further parts of the country. Many of the artists travel long distances to showcase their art at this annual festival, with this year’s lineup including out-of-state artists from Georgia, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, and many more. What’s even more unique; however, is the crowd these artists attract, which is my favorite part. Not only will the art fair have a geographically diverse atmosphere, but the people as a whole vary greatly in personality, interests, and culture. Some art fair goers, such as myself, are University of Michigan students. These students may simply be passing by, while others wait all year to see the new art pieces. On the other hand, many people coming to the Art Fair plan their summer months around the event, and are extremely passionate about the level of talent and diversity that is showcased in the artwork.

Beyond the artwork and the guests, the variety of activities available at the art fair contribute greatly to the stimulating atmosphere the art fair is renowned for. For example, 30 years ago a man named Mr. B. decided to drag his piano to the Art Fair and begin playing for the crowd, and he has returned every year since then, and is one of the crowd’s favorite performers at the Art Fair. Another favorite is the living statue, George Tait. This man has taken moving art to a new level, and by simultaneously using his “psychological magic” to entertain audiences for years, he has stood out a must-see artist at the fair.

The Ann Arbor Art fair is truly a diverse and unique event that’s 54 years in the making.  Whether you’ve been passionate about art for years, or you’re simply passing through the Ann Arbor area, the Art Fair has something for everybody, and the unique culture and atmosphere at the event makes it an event that simply cannot be missed!

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