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For those of you who have to take an airplane to get home every break, the cost of taking a cab or shuttle to the airport can get pretty pricey. And begging someone with a car can just get tiring. So next time you find yourself looking for a cheap ride to the airport for spring break or summer, look no further!

The CSG airBus charges students with a Mcard $7 if they buy their ticket in advance, and $11 if they board the bus without a reservation. To return to UM after break, there’s no need to buy a ticket. You just swipe your Mcard when you get to the bus stop and $11 is charged to your student account, NOT your Blue Bucks account!

With 3 different stops around campus, multiple days of operation, and pick up almost every hour, the airBus is definitely the easiest and most reliable way to get to the airport for students. For more information about stops, dates, and times, visit their website:

From an experience airBus rider,


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